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All of the big moments of your day altogether in your own Little Story video. 
Click on each part of the day to find out more.


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We also give you full cut videos of key parts of the day! That means you get to see you say I do again and relive the dreaded speeches time and time again!



We will arrive and film from the moment you want us to start.

From curlers in and prosecco in hand or from make-up finishing

ouches and grand reveals. It's a lovely calm before the... fun!
Seeing you altogether, enjoying the pampering and getting ready for the day ahead! 

Prep comes standard with us! No extra costs!


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The moment everybody waits for. 
We will film the entire ceremony for you, from the entrance,
right through to the exit. All compiled and edited down into 20 minutes
worth of full cut footage.




We find this part to be extremely intimate in the sense that it's
the first real time you have both had chance to be alone in the midst
of your day. We always get great shots of laughing and loving stares. 

All group shots of family and friends are captured on the day too!


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We all know it's coming. From the moment you book the wedding,
you know those speeches are coming. We will give you 3 full speeches
edited together as part of your package!
(all additional speeches can be added on for an added price).
Relive all those happy, sad and downright embarrassing stories forever! 


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We film the first dance in full, but edit it together with shots of your

guests dancing too! Much more watchable! 


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